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NEW RIG! World's Simplest FMR Edit (WSFMR)

This is the World's Simplest Frost Minecraft Rig Edit! or you can also call it WSFMR or FMR GrXfti Edit v2.

As what the title says, the rig that does NOT have...

  • X Face Controls.
  • X Full User Data.
  • X Full Customizable.

This rig also is full simple that will help you make less lag for your works, look even better and get done faster! It's free to use and download now!

NEW GrXfti's LightRoom

It is a new lightroom for minecraft or other renders, this platform you can customize what you want helps you to keep the lighting and shadow, but that's not all, comes the best that is the render settings, which is too FAST with excellent quality without having errors!

PraXis Render Layer-Styles

It's a layerstyles pack for your minecraft renders with many different epic catalogues!

NEW Render Workspace

This is the new version of my Workspace with a NEW edition, already contains CCs, more free and quality, but the most important and newest thing that comes an exclusive workspace to make effects (FX), that now you can make more free of any work and also comes with social media templates (Twitter header and YouTube banner) and much more!

LEGACY Eye Glitters

Returning to the nostalgic and a classic with a new style!

A new series with selfmade glitter eyes effects for your Minecraft designs!

With a +100 glitter eyes effects you can use all kinds of effects without worries! It can also include additional non-glitter effects and much more!!

Grander Light-geter Graphics Pack

And yes, this is my first pack ever!

This pack contains effects and fonts that I have used since I started designing, and also for those who do not know my old products, until also is available for PS Touch (for Mobile Devices)!

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