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This is the new version of my Workspace with a NEW edition, already contains CCs, more free and quality, but the most important and newest thing that comes an exclusive workspace to make effects (FX), that now you can make more free of any work,
Another thing, this file also comes with social media templates) (Twitter header and YouTube banner) and much more. As you know, it is completely free to download and enjoy!

Before downloading this product, read the following rules that you can not afford for this product.
  • Do not re-sell this product.
  • Do not redistribute this product.
  • It does not allow to recreate or modify what product is intended.

If you didn't get the pack from this page, the person who gave/sold it to you is a scammer and your files are not safe as it may contain a malware.
In that case, please contact me on twitter or discord as soon as possible. 
If you have any questions about the pack, or if you are using the recommended version of Photoshop CS6+ and encounter a problem while using the pack, do not hesitate to contact me on:

Twitter: @GrXfti
Discord: @GrXfti#8808

Thanks for watching/enjoy the product

Have fun!

© Copyright, GrXfti.

You will get a ZIP (29MB) file

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